About Us

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We Are ...

At 2i Global, we're passionate about providing exceptional application development, business intelligence, market research, and veterinary pharmacy services. As a leading company in these fields, we're dedicated to delivering innovative solutions that meet our clients' needs and exceed their expectations.

We have offices in Malta, Chicago, Atlanta, Spain, India, Serbia, Italy, Palestine, Macedonia and Brazil

Our mission and vision

Our mission, as well as vision, is to advance the growth of our clients through creative design and development, and to deliver high quality solutions that
define markets that create value and a reliable competitive advantage for customers around the world.

Our Process of Realization

With years of experience delivering a variety of software projects, our team has perfected the process of understanding and delivering exactly what our clients need to succeed in their industry. We efficiently deliver your software project using our field-proven agile processes.

  1. Defining the requirements for the proposed solution

  2. Commercial contract and signing

  3. Beginning of development

  4. Quality assurance and testing

  5. Final test

  6. Implementation and support