Business Intelligence


Business Intelligence (BI) helps senior decision makers convert data into information and knowledge to enable them to make plans and decisions based on facts and knowledge, thereby increasing their competitiveness.

BI consists of a set of tools and technologies for collecting, transforming, integrating, cleaning, storing and analyzing disparate data to extract useful information, business knowledge and insight.

At 2i, we have practical experience in synthesizing knowledge from complex and non-uniform data sources from different providers and formats. We use data extraction, transformation and integration tools to build data warehouses with hundreds of millions of rows. Data is profiled and cleaned based on sound business rules, even if we don't have edit control over the actual data source. Trends and business entities are identified using advanced algorithms including fuzzy lookup and structure and data mining techniques.

Analysts and decision makers get reporting cubes (multidimensional databases) that allow them to see the business picture, dynamically, from different angles and views. In addition to standard dashboards that summarize the whole picture using simple graphs and gauges to monitor operations in the form of key performance indicators (KPIs), they are able to analyze operational data up and down, slice and dice data, forecast and predict scenarios and knowledge extracts .

2i uses Microsoft SQL Server BI technologies and tools for the heavy lifting, while analysts can use the application of their choice including common office products such as MS Excel 2007 or later. We extract data from any data warehouse with a unique data structure.


2i BizWay

BizWay is a comprehensive Planning, Budgeting and Performance tool with an integrated collaboration and communication interface with advanced search capabilities.