Custom Web Applications


While there are many off-the-shelf software packages (commercial or free), they are either too simple or too complex for your unique business environment and needs. Our approach is to study and understand your unique business environment and requirements; and then work closely with you to either develop or customize the right custom software application that fully meets your objectives and seamlessly integrates with your existing applications and work environment.

We design and develop our custom application with scalable architecture in mind. Code is thoroughly tested, and we work with our clients in an agile way to deliver key features fast and at optimal cost.

Our solutions are based on the best affordable and compatible technology. Implementation is taken care of by our specialized engineers who train, mentor and transfer knowledge to the customer in a friendly and partnership approach.

2i provides ongoing maintenance as necessary. We employ an effective issue tracking system that keeps our clients updated on the status of reported issues or new requests.



PRIME is a comprehensive system designed specifically for animal hospitals, offering a complete suite of services to help streamline operations and enhance patient care. With PRIME, animal hospitals can manage patient records, schedule appointments, and track inventory, all within one user-friendly platform. PRIME also offers a range of features to support a full-service animal hospital,…

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HCPS (Sistem za zdravstvene radnike)

HCPS (Health Care Professionals System)

HCPS (Health Care Professionals System) HCPS (Health Care Professionals System) is an online system utilized by various councils within the Ministry of Health Malta to provide citizens with an efficient and effective service. The system streamlines processes and enhances communication between healthcare professionals and their patients, ensuring that citizens receive the best possible care. With…

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Sistem za transplantaciju organa

Organ Donation

Organ Donation – The information system for the transplantation of organs, tissues, and cells has enormous potential to save and improve lives. This system is designed to streamline the process of finding and matching donors with recipients, ensuring that patients receive the transplants they need as quickly and efficiently as possible. By providing real-time information…

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2i OSA

2i OSA is an indispensable tool for Colleges and Universities desiring to boost their recruiting efforts, as it provides a direct port of communication between Universities and prospect applicants Online.

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Health Care Professionals System

Health Care Professionals System is an online solution used by different councils in the Ministry of Health Malta, to offer a more efficient and effective service to the citizens.

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DOI – Department of Information Stock Control

The DOI Stock Control system is used to manage various stock and services

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